Ce preparări aveți nevoie pentru prelucrarea precisă a metalelor?

1. One thing we need to figure out is that painting is very important. Drawings are at the heart of the entire process. If the drawing does not indicate the corresponding shape and position tolerances, the product produced may not be used for the purpose of use. At the same time, the drawings also point the way for precision processing companies. According to the drawings, the corresponding process flow can be formulated, the processing time can be arranged reasonably, and the production efficiency can be improved.

2. Materials used for processing are also required. Without good materials, even good equipment can't reach perfect standards, and the finished product may not be beautiful enough. At present, in the automotive, aerospace, and medical enterprises, many sophisticated hardware components will be used more or less. The workpiece not only needs an aesthetic appearance, but also requires high precision, and also requires better material properties.

3. Cost budget and processing cycle budget. In most cases, the price of workpieces produced and processed in the precision metalworking industry is declining, while the cost of materials and labor is increasing. Therefore, we need to control the corresponding controllable costs in advance. And during production, the order is reasonably arranged to avoid uncontrollable factors caused by the hasty processing of the workpiece.

4, tratament de suprafață, ambalare și transport. După prelucrarea materialului, suprafața trebuie tratată în timp pentru a preveni oxidarea și coroziunea. Măsurile de protecție corespunzătoare trebuie luate în timpul ambalării și transportului pentru a preveni comprimarea, deformarea și lovirea piesei de prelucrat în timpul transportului și pentru a se asigura că piesa de preluare este predată clientului intact.